Storm overtime hours approved

A few old topics and a few new ones highlighted the agenda at the February 9, regularly-scheduled meeting of the Fillmore County Board of Supervisors.

Meeting notes include:
• During the Fillmore County Board of Equalization, Fillmore County Assessor Lynn Mussman noted the Legion clubs in Ohiowa, Milligan and Exeter now qualify for 100 percent exemption.
• Fillmore County Sheriff Bill Burgess told the county board he has it in his budget to purchase a new pick-up for his department.  After discussion, Supervisor Susan Johnson moved and Supervisor Bob Mueller seconded the motion to purchase the 2016 Dodge Ram 1⁄2 ton pickup with the running boards, mud flaps, and tonneau cover from Erdkamp Motors in Exeter for $28,250.  The motion carried 7-0.
Also while at the meeting, Burgess noted he has hired two new deputies.  They both are not certified.  He said he hopes to have one enrolled in the law enforcement training academy in August.  He also noted his jail budget has ‘had an explosion recently’ and will probably be going over budget.
• Gravel letting was scheduled for March 8 and a culvert letting was scheduled for March 22.
“We’re going to get calls and we’re not going to be able to get the gravel…I know that,” Mueller said.
“We spent a lot of money on gravel last year and we’re right back in the same place again,” Supervisor Merle Noel said.
• The supervisors voted to allow what overtime (per day) hours that were accumulated during the recent snow storm.
“If we’re going to keep those guys, we need to pay them,” Fillmore County Board Chairman Larry Cerny said.
Fillmore County Highway Superintendent Pat Halbur told the supervisors there were 13 machines out at one point during the clean-up stages of the snow storm.  She also noted, one wing went out during the period and one machine was in the shop for minor repairs.
• A Public Hearing was opened and closed on the county’s One and Six Year Road Plan.
• Several Fillmore County East Office Building items were discussed including letting a tenant out of a lease; repairing a heating unit in the south wing (Extension office) and possibly selling the south wing.
• The supervisors reviewed what portions of the former Fillmore County Hospital will be up for sale and suggestions on what a fair price for the area being sold would be.

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