Underwoods Inducted To Hall of Fame

By Leesa K. Bartu,
Exeter Correspondent
Jack and Linda Underwood of rural Exeter were recently inducted into the Nebraska Auctioneers Hall of Fame at the Nebraska Auctioneers Association convention held in Omaha May 17-19.
“Being the first female inducted into the Nebraska Auctioneers Hall of Fame meant a lot to me. It also meant a lot that Jack and I were to share it together,” Linda explained. “It was a complete surprise. I knew that I was up for an award. Both of us were a little bit speechless because we weren’t expecting that at all.”
The auctioneering career of the Underwoods began just over 35 years ago, when the couple started working for an auctioneer part time. Jack saw in Linda the potential to shine as an auctioneer and unbeknownst to her, paid for her tuition to Nebraska Auctioneer school and insisted she attend.
While Linda became the “fast-talking” Colonel, as one observer noted, Jack got his Nebraska real estate sales and later his brokerage license. The two have worked side by side ever since. Jack manages the auctions and oversees the real estate transactions, and Linda guides a team in preparing items for auction. She oversees every detail of the auctions from the timeline, to the wording on the auction bills.

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