Who will let the dogs out?

By Dianne Girmus
The Nebraska Signal

Many dog-lovers call their pets another member of the family, because dogs are loving, loyal and protective to them. Like other family members, dogs have special needs. They need to run around, make dog friends and exert energy through rough and tumbling dog play, which makes them more gentle at home. Dog parks have been popular in cities for quite some time and now this trend is taking off in smaller communities—including Geneva.
A Geneva Dog Park Committee was formed this spring with plans underway to open a facility at the end of August. The dog park will be located at 1044 R Street, which is south of Geneva’s Wastewater Treatment Plant. The principal funding is through a Geneva City Sales Tax Community Betterment Grant and the committee is also seeking donations for other needed items. Donations are being accepted at the Geneva City Office and through the Geneva Dog Park Fund-raiser page on Facebook. The park will be open to the public, as the Geneva City Park is.

The idea originated here several years ago, being discussed off and on. Nikki Nedrow, recently, posted the idea on Facebook—putting out a social media request for interested committee members, the response was good and enough interest was generated to form a committee, which presented their plan to the City in May.
Geneva resident, Christine Coash, owner of Rex, a large Black Shepherd mix, said she has loved dogs ever since she was born, as they have always been a part of her life. She also stated that she is excited about being one of the seven committee members bringing the dog park idea into reality. She now drives Rex to York, Hastings or Lincoln for his “work-out” and is thankful to be getting the upcoming local facility.
“We don’t have a fenced yard. When Rex is out, we keep him pretty close and don’t let him go too far away,” Coash said. “The dog park will give him a place where he can just run!”
Other dog park committee members include: Sandy Gergen, Victoria Chapman, Nikki Nedrow, Jessica Turner, Val Turner and Geneva Mayor, Eric Kamler.