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2020 Legislative Session Suspended

Speaker Jim Scheer released the following statement March 16.
“As promised, I am giving you an update on the legislative session in light of COVID-19. In consultation with Senator Hilgers, speaking with public health authorities, the Governor, as well as input from many of you, we have made the decision that the current legislative session will not reconvene tomorrow and will be postponed until further notice.
We have made this decision primarily for the health and safety of the state and to protect the health of the members in the body. The Governor encouraged this weekend that public gatherings of more than 50

individuals should be postponed, a recommendation also made by the CDC. Even with non-essential staff not in the chamber, and with senators from around the state at the Capitol, we have concluded that suspending the session is in the best interest of the state.
In addition, of paramount importance is ensuring that we have the tools to fight the coronavirus. We have spoken with the Governor’s office about the potential need for an emergency appropriation to assist in that effort. Be prepared to be called back to session for the limited purpose of passing any emergency appropriation. This could be as early as next Monday. 
This means that the Legislature will not be in session tomorrow. If the need arises to reconvene the body for an emergency appropriation, we will inform you promptly.