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Rialto II Theater To Open On Limited Schedule

The Fillmore County Cinema Association has decided to try opening up the Rialto II Theater on a limited schedule. This will be contingent on attendance. At this point, there are very few choices of new movies so the Cinema Association is anticipating starting out with some older movies (to be announced later). The first showing is scheduled for October 31, Halloween night.
This is a list of the rules/regulations that will be followed to make this an enjoyable time for all:

  1. Admissions: There will be a small fee for all patrons. The group will not be honoring passes, gift certificates, etc. for the time being. Save them for later as they will not expire, no matter the date shown. The association will collect the admission price outside (or just inside) the front door.
  2. Concessions: At the door, you will be handed a ticket number and you will proceed into the theater and find your seat. Someone will call the number on your ticket when it is your turn to come out for concessions. Please have your order ready and only one person will come to the lobby to pick up your family’s order. You can pick up your pop at the admission stand side, then go to the concession booth to fill the rest of your order. A worker will be available to help you get back to your seat. This should help the social distancing issues.
  3. The association apologizes, but for now buckets will not be filled. But… hold onto them as they will be honored in 2021 so you will not have to buy a new one next year.
  4. The Cinema Association is converting to bottled sodas for now. If you desire a cup of ice, you will be given a medium cup for free to use with your soda or water. Although bottles will not be numbered, it is still asked that you bring them out to dispose of them in the trash. The group appreciates that bit of help in clean up.
  5. There will be rows taped off where no one is to sit. It will help if you would keep three-four seats between groups, again to help with social distancing. Masks are optional.
  6. The association will continue to use the numbers on the popcorn sacks, but not on pops.
  7. If anyone is asked to comply with these rules and refuses, they will be asked to leave.
    The Cinema Association looks forward to trying this new system to give everyone an entertainment outlet. The association apologizes that it will be extremely streamlined, but the best will be done to make your experience a good one. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Cyndy Callenius at 402-759-4597 or Pat Mau at 402-366-4911.
    The theater has missed you all and looks forward to your continued support.
    The Fillmore County Cinema Association