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1964 GHS Class Buys Furniture

Signal Editor

A gift received at the 50-year reunion of the Geneva High School Class of 1964 has turned into four new pieces of furniture at the Geneva Public Library.
GHS Class of 1964 member Alice Koehler Tatro said the class received a gift at its 50-year reunion and recently decided to match the gift and purchase a couple of pieces of furniture for the reading area on the main floor of the library. Through a shipping error and the work of a local upholstery specialist, the result turned out to be two love seats and two chairs for the library.
“It started with a gift at our 50-year reunion and then five years went by,” Tatro said. “We wanted to do something for Geneva and all of us took classes in the basement of the library here. We couldn’t be more pleased that she (Geneva Library director Sarah Johnson) ended up with double.”
Johnson said one of the original pieces arrived slightly damaged and two other pieces were shipped by mistake. Johnson was able to have a local craft person repair one piece and negotiated to keep the other pieces of furniture.
“This is perfect timing for this,” said Johnson, who noted the library was looking to replace the furniture that was formerly located in the area. “It took about five weeks to get things all worked out…but we can’t complain with the result.”
Tatro said the class had put the donation gift on the back-burner, but decided recently to do a class challenge to purchase the furniture. She also said the class remembers Thelma Hamilton as the librarian in 1964 and took German class in the library’s basement under Herr Plambeck.