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Milligan ladies join ranks of handmade mask makers

Signal Editor

Inspired by shortages being created by COVID-19, many creative individuals in Fillmore County have taken to their sewing machines to help those around them stay safe.
Several groups and individuals have begun crafting hand-sewn medical-style masks. In the Milligan area, Judy Kassik and Adrienne Capek are making cloth masks to be used in assisted-living centers and nursing homes. They have sent masks to Lincoln, Crete and Kansas City. Now, they are finishing up on 188 masks for Heritage Crossings (Capek’s mother-in-law, Blanche, lives there) in Geneva. The masks will be worn by residents there. Next, the local sewing group is planning on making several masks for use at Fairview Manor in Fairmont.
Kassik said she started taking part in a quilting class given by Capek at the Milligan Library while recovering from vocal cord radiation. Now, sewing is a big part of her life. The group started off making blankets and baby blankets. With the COVID-19 outbreak, the group’s focus changed.
“I saw pictures on Facebook with residents at a pizza party wearing masks,” Kassik said. “I started asking people and places if they were in need of masks. Adrienne and I were texting back and forth and decided this would be another great project. We will continue to make them and keep reaching out to our community.”