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Nancy’s Backyard Barn Quilts

The Nebraska Signal

Barn quilts, large pieces of wood painted to look like a quilt block, are unique in many different ways. No two are the same. And all one needs is the desire to paint, and in a few hours one becomes an artist!
They may be custom-made to any size the heart desires, usually starting with 8 feet by 8 feet for huge barns and 4 feet by 4 feet is the popular size for smaller buildings and these may be used in a series. Smaller sizes are also being used, mounted on exterior and interior walls, fences, gates, doors, mail boxes, birdhouses and much more.
The bright solid colors and simple geometric shapes of squares, rectangles and triangles beautify rural landscapes, promote tourism and create economic development across rural America.
Geneva resident Nancy Chaney has had a fond admiration of barn quilts for over 20 years and has recently added charm to southwest Geneva with the completion of “Nancy’s Backyard Barn Quilts,” 18 different designs hung on her fence, located at the corner of U. S. Highway #41 and 8th St., with two more, still in the works, to be added at a later date.
“I plan to hang those two on the west side of the fence, and probably won’t be completely finished then, either. I enjoy making them and have plenty of room on the inside of my fence,” Chaney said. “It’s a very relaxing hobby for me. I have made a few fabric quilts, so I enjoy all the different patterns and love to see the colors come together.”
Chaney said her love for barn quilts originated in Iowa.