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Second Dose

Rita Bixby, RN administers the second dose of the Moderna vaccine to Russ Coash, PA-C in late January. Rita has been a leader in local vaccination efforts. Coash’s second article about the COVID-19 virus appears inside on page 2A. The first of several planned vaccination clinics took place on Saturday at the Fillmore County Fairgrounds. Fillmore County Medical Center director Dr. Jason Bespalec said the county received an additional 100 doses per week thanks to the efforts of Robby Nunns with Weaver Pharmacy. After this weekend, Bespalec said he hopes to see an additional 360 individuals be vaccinated on March 20. “They are calling people 72, 73, 74 now,” Bespalec said. “We would like to be way down into the 70s hopefully by this weekend.” From there, people 65 or older will start being called, he said. All vaccinations are by appointment only.