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Artist Donates Painting Proceeds to Geneva Community Center

By Dianne Girmus
The Nebraska Signal

There are many generous ways to reach out to one’s community and offer assistance. Local artist Patty Scarborough is using her creative passion to contribute to the upcoming Geneva Community Center.
Scarborough has created 16 paintings, her Community Project, and is donating the proceeds to the Community Center Building Fund. The paintings are 12 by 16 inches and were created with oil on art panel. The subjects are of things and places she has seen on her walks around Geneva.
“I wanted to help the many dedicated citizens who have worked diligently to design and promote a much-needed community center,” Scarborough said. “I decided to create a body of work based on places in Geneva that I find beautiful or interesting, then make them available for sale and donate the entire proceeds to the Community Center Building Fund. I chose not to frame them to keep costs down and to make them easier for people to integrate into their personal space.”
Scarborough said that small towns have many spots of interest, if we only pay attention to what’s around us. Each has a story as to why they are there and she felt it was her job to share these places and introduce people to the subtle beauty around the town.
Scarborough started in October 2019, made a collection of eight paintings, which sold immediately, so she continued with another eight, with half the proceeds going to the fund. The paintings each sell for $400.
“The first group of eight brought in $3,200 total. When I posted them on Facebook, I was stunned to sell most of them within a day, many to people out of state—folks that appreciate small towns no matter where they are,” Scarborough said. “There are three left in the second half of the project, which, when sold will bring the total donation to $5,000.”
The three remaining paintings are entitled “Herb’s Place,” “Sentinel” and “Keeper” and may be seen, along with the other paintings, on Scarborough’s website at https://www.pscarborougharts.com/. To purchase a painting, e-mail Scarborough at Patty@scarborougharts.com or call 402-759-3211 for details. Scarborough’s paintings may also be seen on Facebook, Instagram, at The Burkholder Project in Lincoln and at the Anne Thorne Weaver Museum Shop at the Museum of Art in Kearney.