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Exeter Aquatic Center Uses Diver to Find Leaks In Swimming Pool

By Leesa K. Bartu,
Exeter Correspondent

Maintaining the water level at the Exeter Aquatic Center this summer was a challenge as Village Maintenance Supervisor John Mueller realized early in the season that the pool had a leak.
Before the pool was filled this year, the Village had a leak repaired where the joint filler was cut out and replaced. Unfortunately, that did not stop the leaks.
After more communication with JEO Engineering, the board opted to have a diver suit up and go into the pool using a syringe filled with dye to try and find the leak location.
The Village was only responsible for the cost of the dive gear and the diver found several leaks. Mueller marked the location of each leak.
After the pool is drained, the leaks will be further investigated and repaired.