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Pandemic Here

By Signal Staff

Even though a positive COVID-19 case has yet to be confirmed in Fillmore County, public offices and many small businesses have opted to close their doors in some way or the other.
The Geneva City Office lobby and Fillmore County Courthouse are currently closed for the time being. Officials can be contacted by phone (city at 402-759-3109) or by email and possible in-person business could be arranged. This past Friday, Geneva Mayor Eric Kamler enacted a major part of Geneva’s COVID-19 Emergency Response Plan. Following the conclusion of a meeting last week, Kamler declared a State of Emergency and placed the Local Emergency Operation Plan (LEOP) in effect in Geneva until the end of this health crisis. By enacting the LEOP, costs associated with the health crisis will be eligible to be submitted to the Nebraska Emergency Management Association (NEMA) and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for possible reimbursement.
“This was simply a formality that I felt was necessary following Wednesday’s meeting to have in place for the response going forward,” said Kamler on social media. “At this point, we simply don’t know when the next phase of the response will be triggered, but all of us at City Hall promise to keep everyone up to date with current information. Times are uncertain but there is without a doubt certainty in knowing that we will overcome this storm and our community, our state, and our nation will be back on its feet at full speed ahead in a matter of time.”

Beginning last Wednesday, the Fillmore County Courthouse limited walk-in members of the public. All customers that need services are asked to contact the county office that they need to handle their needs. If approved to enter the courthouse, all entry will be made through the south entrance and a screening process will take place. As of press time, all cases in the Fillmore County Court and District Court are planned to continue as scheduled. Defendants are encouraged to call prior to your scheduled court time to verify any possible changes. DMV offices in the courthouse are closed until further notice. Residents or customers are encouraged to call 402-759-4914 with any questions.
Strict entrance screenings are taking place at the Fillmore County Hospital and at the Fillmore County Medical Center—please call your provider or the facility ahead of any attempted visit. Heritage of Geneva and Fairview Manor in Fairmont are both closed to visitors. All three Fillmore County school districts are currently operating by students completing assignments at home complimented with on-line learning for an unidentified period of time.