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BVCA Partnership to Spotlight Poverty and Economic Challenges

Blue Valley Community Action Partnership to Spotlight Poverty and Economic Challenges Facing Southeastern Nebraska Residents in Annual Report

As Blue Valley Community Action Partnership (BVCA) wraps up its 45th Anniversary, it is pleased to release its 2011 Annual Report. In addition to programmatic statistics, the report also includes a summary of information from the 2011 state-wide survey conducted by Community Action of Nebraska. The survey examined financial literacy among Nebraska families and how they deal with money.

BVCA’s Annual Report indicates that the organization is serving many more individuals with no health insurance of any kind and that overall client numbers are up almost 9% in a single year. “Our pantries have been assisting more families and we have weatherized more homes this past year than most recent years. While demand for services has increased, resources are ever tighter and will be getting even tighter in the future,” BVCA’s CEO, Richard Nation, commented. Other information in the annual report highlights views of participants and employees. The full annual report and the 2011 Survey on Financial Behaviors Among Adults can be accessed on BVCA’s website at

As elected officials in Washington discuss balancing the budget, deficit reduction, and spending cuts to key human services programs, tens of millions of Americans across the country are struggling financially. Many are unemployed and have been for months. Others have lost their homes and are staying with friends or in shelters. Some have depleted their savings and are going into debt. Many children and families—once solidly middle class—now rely on food stamps and free school lunches for their meals. Others have lost their jobs through no fault of their own.

Blue Valley Community Action Partnership will call attention to these and similar problems facing low-income residents of the Blue River region throughout May during National Community Action Month. National Community Action Month highlights Community Action Agencies’ work helping millions of families and individuals escape poverty each year.

The agency will join Community Action Agencies across the country in hosting events and activities throughout May aimed at highlighting poverty problems and solutions. This year’s National Community Action Month commemoration comes at a time when millions of Americans are hurting financially and having difficulties finding new jobs after being laid off due to the economy. Nation commented, “People across the country are feeling discouraged due to the troubled economy. Long before the Great Recession, Blue Valley Community Action Partnership has been assisting people during their most difficult personal and financial situations and helping them see that there is light at the end of the tunnel. We give people hope and a specific plan that successfully guides them down the path to economic stability.”

The national office of the Community Action Partnership designates May as National Community Action Month to recognize Community Action Agencies’ work fighting poverty on the local level. Each year, Community Action Agencies help 20 million Americans achieve and maintain financial stability through programs such as Head Start, Weatherization, financial education, housing, child and family development, energy and rent assistance, homeless assistance and transportation.

“Services offered by Blue Valley Community Action Partnership and Community Action Agencies across the country are so critical, especially when you’ve got millions of people facing an uncertain economic future,” said Don Mathis, President and CEO of the Community Action Partnership. “These are people who worked hard and played by the rules, but now the pressures of long-term unemployment, foreclosures, and dwindling savings are putting a tremendous strain on them. Programs like Community Action are vital to ensuring that the American Dream remains a reality.”

Blue Valley Community Action Partnership operates in much of southeast Nebraska and in part of northern Kansas. It serves over 13,000 low and moderate income families of the region annually.

BVCA’s administrative offices are located in Fairbury, but it operates twenty-two sites around the Blue Valley region and has since 1966 lead a campaign to increase prosperity in the area. For more information visit us at, on Facebook or email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Based in Washington, DC, the Community Action Partnership provides training and other services to more than 1,000 Community Action Agencies across America that help 20 million low-income people and families achieve economic stability and improve their lives. For more information, visit or follow the organization on Twitter, @CAPartnership.