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Bin Rescue In Geneva; Two Injured Men

YORK – The York Fire Department assisted with the rescue of two men from the top of a bin Tuesday morning, after they were injured while working on a conveyor system.

York Assistant Fire Chief Tony Bestwick explained that the department was dispatched at 9:45 a.m., with Geneva Fire and Rescue asking for assistance and use of the York aerial truck.

“The call was that a man was on top of the bin and had a broken leg,” Bestwick said. “They needed the aerial and our assistance in order to get him down.”

Bestwick said they arrived at the scene, at the 200 Block of South Seventh Street in Geneva, at approximately 10 a.m.

“We surveyed the scene and set up the aerial,” Bestwick said.

The bucket of the aerial did not quite reach the top of the tall bin.

“Then we sent up two people from our department,” he explained. “When we arrived, the Geneva department already had the victim with the broken leg” in a stretcher which was a metal device specifically designed to transport a patient by lowering with ropes.

It was a tedious process as the man was lowered, using the device and ropes, to the aerial.