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Telephone Scam Using Health Department

Public Health Solutions (PHS) has been made aware of a telephone scam which includes the misuse of a local PHS phone number. When looking at their caller ID, residents are misled to believe that a call is coming from our office and then hear an automated message regarding a trip or prize of some kind. We understand that this is a national telephone scam and similar to one that has hit other governmental organizations in the area (most recently the Mayor’s office in Lincoln).
PHS reminds you that we will not call and try to sell you a product or claim that you have won a prize. Our staff members will always identify themselves before discussing personal information. If you are in doubt that a phone call is legitimate, please hang up. You can verify the call or a staff member’s credentials by calling our office directly at 402-826-3880. Our staff members are listed on the PHS website as
We ask the community’s help in educating family members, friends and neighbors, on how to avoid this telephone scam. By working together, we can help protect our most vulnerable community members from falling victim to this type of criminal activity.
For more information, contact Public Health Solutions at 402-826-3880 or toll free at 1-844-830-0813.