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Music fund-raising discussed again

Signal Editor

The Fillmore Central School Board made a final decision on the apparent age-old practice of personal fund-raising in the FC music student activity accounts at the board's December meeting.
On its second vote, the school board voted 5-3-1 (members Shawn Farmer, Doug Gergen and P.J. O'Connor—no; Tami Scheil—abstain) to offer sophomore, junior and senior music students two options to transfer music account funds to another student activity account to be used by that student for school purposes or to transfer music account funds to another student.
According to discussion during public comment at meetings, FC music students have been able to purchase musical instruments for personal use and take trips with money they have raised during fund-raisers in the past.
"I still feel as a patron, parent, and I've said it before...if this had been presented to me as something for personal gain, I would have never purchased one," Farmer said.
"I think this is something that has slipped through the cracks," O'Connor said.
Board members Christin Lovegrove and Sherri Nun commented that they felt students were lied too and deserve a solution.
In other meeting notes, the school board approved a 2.52 percent raise for FC Superintendent Mark Norvell—his salary will be $154,000 for 2019/2020; Friend appears interested in joining the FC/Exeter-Milligan softball co-op; 29 junior high boys are out for basketball; about half of the purchase price for the school district's new bus will be paid for by grant funding.